Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights


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  • On Friday , March 25th, Elijah Clarke (4-1) returns for his home town crowd when he steps into the ring against the experienced and tough fighter our of Virginia, Alexander Olave.(4-2). This will be Clarke’s first match since his controversial loss to Brett Hlavacek in August of 2015 when they were the co-main event for … Continue Reading

  • On February 26th, Friday Night Fights will feature a stacked card at New York City’s Lucky Strike​. This will be the newest venue added to the FNF location roster in 3 years. Lucky Strike, located on 42nd Street and 12th Avenue, features bowling, a full service restaurant and bar, pool and ping pong tables and dozens of … Continue Reading

  • Amin Almelik vs remi Kicking off 2016 with an all star line up including a 5 round match between Amin Allelic & Remi Singh! Both are veterans of Friday Night Fights and both are known for leaving it all in the ring win, lose or draw!  Both athletes have a great deal of experience assuring the audience a sure fire full … Continue Reading

  • Sepulveda vs Hlavacek By Sandy Hachenmueller Friday Night Fights has provided you with shin-splitting action all year, and our next event will be no exception. A jack-of-all-trades meets a heavy-handed competitor who loves the clinch. Which skill set will be the victor? There’s only one way to find out! As 2015 wraps up with a season finale, FNF couldn’t … Continue Reading

  • Sepulveda vs Hlavacek The Main Event for the 2015 Friday Night Fights Season Finale’ is set: Brett Hlavacek will meet Ariel Sepulvida for the always highly anticipated end of year show! “Both fighters are regulars and well known to Friday Night Fight fans and finally pairing them seemed like the perfect way to end the year” said Justin … Continue Reading

  • FNF1023 by Sandy Hackenmueller Champion against champion is just one way Friday Night Fights delivers Muay Thai at its finest. On October X, champion Greg Rowe will face world champion Eddie Martinez in what promises to be an incredible battle. Rowe is a 2011 WKA World Amateur Champion, WKA North American Champion and US National Team … Continue Reading

  • 8 Man Poster by Sandy Hackenmueller NYC’s original 8-man tournament returns Friday, September 25th, as the Art of Eight showcases the top amateur prospects the sport has to offer. After searching coast to coast, Friday Night Fights Muay Thai invited amateur combatants to compete in this one-night tournament at 155lbs. With the potential of three, 3-round fights in … Continue Reading

  • Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.48.13 AM by Sandy Hackenmueller The Skylight Modern welcomed another action-packed evening as Friday Night Fights returned for another great night of Muay Thai. From amateur debuts to hard-fought title fights, the event was wall to wall palpable energy. The World Boxing Council was a special guest in this WKA-sanctioned event, as two WBC titles were on … Continue Reading

  • shards_pattern by Sandy Hackenmueller With the introduction of World Boxing Council title fights to New York Muay Thai, two incredible fighters are prepared to demonstrate what it means to them to earn that belt. Elijah Clarke and Brett Hlavacek are set to battle it out on August 14th when Friday Night Fights Muay Thai returns to … Continue Reading

  • Sampieri vs Greskiewicz by Sandy Hackenmueller Known for being a leader in bringing firsts to Muay Thai in New York, Friday Night Fights is bringing forth another. On August 14th, two World Boxing Council title fights will be making their debut in the great state of New York. Two imposing fighters on the Muay Thai scene, Justin Greskiewicz … Continue Reading

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  • Elijah Clarke - 165lbs
    Record: 4-0