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Friday Night Fights July 29th

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On Friday July 29th Friday Night Fights returns to NYC after a show in Philadelphia the Friday before. The main event for July 29th is a rematch of a cruiser weight match that was hard fought split decision. New York City’s Ariel Sepulvida and Canada’s Joey George are set to return to the ring in a match that George has wanted since the moment the decision for their last meeting was announced.

Since they last fought, Sepulvida has competed on national television and also returned to FNF to win a match over Brett Hlavaceck. Joe George has also continued to compete and is thrilled to be able to return to NY for a chance to avenge his loss to Sepulvida.

We had the chance to speak with Ariel and Joey about their upcoming match:

  1. 1) What do you know of your opponent:
    JG: I know he is powerful and tough as nails
    AS: What I know about opponent is that I fought him before and he is very tall!
  2. 2) Are you training differently for this match?
    JG: Every fight is a litter different I’m always trying to improve in areas.
    AS: Well yeah, last time I fought him I think it was to close but this time I have to make a statement and do not leave it to the judges
  3. 3) What are your thoughts about fighting on Friday night fights?
    JG: I’m excited to fight on Friday night fights again
    AS: Is an amazing atmosphere and very honor to fight for them, they have great staff and they know how to treat, respect fighters. That’s why I love fighting for this organization.
  4. 4) Prediction for the fight?
    JG: I’m going to stop him I’m stronger then ever!
    AS: I don’t like to predict but I always train to win.

You can catch Ariel Sepulvida and Joey George on Friday July 29th at the Broad Street Ballroom. Tickets are on sale now!

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