Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights


The Season Ends with a Visible Surprise

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By Sandy Hackenmueller

On Friday night, the holidays came early to Muay Thai followers the world over.  Fans who were listening to the live audio of the event were unexpectedly treated to live video mid-show!

It arrived just in time, too, for the highlights of the evening. With two highly anticipated main-event bouts on the card, viewers on the live feed were thrilled. “Thank you so much, FNF!”  viewer Marilyn Hornsby of South Carolina posted on the chat feed. Eric Luna of California posted, “I assumed it was going to be just audio. This is great news! It feels like Christmas!”

The broadcast wasn’t originally intended to go live on the season finale. It was still in the testing stages during the event, streaming on a private link.

According to FNF President Justin Blair, the decision to publicly broadcast the December 7th event was a “game day” decision.

“Prior testing, both in the past year and in the days leading up to the Season Finale, far exceeded our anticipated pace for progress,” said Blair. “We decided to open the broadcast for all viewers rather than just to our limited test group. “

“This past Friday’s test was merely scratching the surface of what we anticipate our capabilities to reach by second quarter of 2013. We are confident that we will be able to produce a higher quality production for our live streamed events than what is currently on the market,” said FNF Media Director, Lance Burns

There presently is no set schedule for the webcasting of the 2013 FNF Season. However, more than ½ of the 2013 season is expected to be available on the web for fans to see in real time.

“What better way to integrate more fans than live streaming the action for people everywhere,” said fight fan Jessica McClintock of Washington. “I love how the sport of Muay Thai is transitioning to a wider realm! The sport is quickly becoming more main stream, and live streaming will only propel its likability and fan basis nationwide.”

For a recap of Friday’s livestream, you can watch it here:

[cleeng_content id=”927465593″ description=”Watch the December 7th Event” price=”4.99″ t=”video”] [/cleeng_content]

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