Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights


When you produce the longest-running Muay Thai series in North America, it may not be easy, but our team has a great time doing it. No other job gives you the satisfaction of being ringside for one of the most exciting sports around — hearing the roar and applause of an energized crowd, working with some of the most talented athletes on the planet – and we feel like we have it all!

In our dedication and passion for combat sports, we have produced 200 events across 4 different states and have broadcasted on 2 networks—and we’re just getting warmed up. In 2012 we expanded to the West Coast, making us the first organization nationally promoting Muay Thai events. Over the years, our experience included MMA and boxing events in addition to Muay Thai. However, in a decision to focus heavily on delivering the best Muay Thai in the country, we rebranded ourselves in 2011 and committed exclusively to producing Muay Thai events.

What started off in the basement space of Church Street Gym back in 1997 has come a long way, producing some of the most pivotal events to date. Muay Thai in North America is young. Though we are just teenagers now, we’re proud of the strides we’ve made both in our level of professional shows to our ability to reach our fans, farthest away, through our broadcasts. Some of our notable events include the first non-boxing sporting event at Mohegan Sun Casino; the first free Muay Thai event on the East Coast (Rumble on the River 2011); the highest-attended event in New York (2,500+ at Hinds v. Romulo 5/11/2010), a record-breaking four sold out shows in a row — and many, many more.

We greatly appreciate the praise we’ve received for putting on a great series, but we aim to remain humble. Our team will never lose sight of what’s important to our fans. Our commitment is to you, and we intend to always put on the most entertaining shows possible. We intend to present to you the top competitors in North America and beyond. Our music is great but the crowd is even better. Come just once, and you’ll experience firsthand why our motto is: BE THERE!


  • Be There:

  • Elijah Clarke - 165lbs
    Record: 4-0