Alex Berrios

Name: Alex Berrios

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Why do you fight?: I fight because it brings out the best in me. It keeps me in good shape and sharpens my discipline. I like that people look up to me and come to me with questions. Every fight is a conquest of one's body, fears and pushes the limit of one's capabilities. I like being part of a community. I've always liked to fight, to pit one man against another, a primal challenge of one's skill.

Before a fight I… : On fight days I don't change a thing. I'm severely deficient in the superstition department, so the ritual I have is to treat fight night as just another night. I am my plain goofball self.

Most memorable experience in the ring: My most memorable fight experience is my first fight in Thailand. It changed how I view the sport and how I train/fight. I won by KO in the second round. It was humbling and empowering.

What makes Friday Night Fights different from other events you’ve seen?: I love the crowd that the event draws. I also really appreciate how well organized and prepared the event is. I know that it takes an immense amount of work to put on a great event and Justin and his staff do it like it's an art. It can easily be mistaken for a multi-million dollar production. Hell, maybe it is!

Amateur and Professional Titles: TBA-SA North American Super Middle Weight (2007) and ISKA Florida State Middle Weight (2007)