Chris Kwiatkowski

Name: Chris "Polish Punisher" Kwiatkowski

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Why do you fight?: I fight for the challenge. When I first started fighting it was to get into shape, but soon found out my athleticism helped me a lot and realized I was good at it. As I got more deeply involved in Muay Thai I realized how beautiful the Thai Culture was and how the art exemplified the culture. The challenge is not only fighting and winning, but in putting together the most beautiful and graceful Wai Kru.

Most memorable experience in the ring: My most memorable experience in the ring was on a FNF card at the Broad Street Ballroom. It was the first time I ever faced adversity in the ring and the moment I realized I was truly a fighter. It was my 8th or 9th amateur fight and I was still dropping my hands a lot. I was fighting a Brit named James Connor. I didn't know much about him, but he was a little taller than me. The first round was pretty even, back and forth. Towards the end of the second round, he caught me with a right cross, right down the pipe, and smashed the bridge of my nose onto the left side of my face. I was concussed and bleeding profusely. I knew it was kill or be killed. So I went at him hard and ended up knocking him out with a right cross of my own, 15 seconds later.

What makes Friday Night Fights different from other events you’ve seen?: Friday Night Fights is different mainly because of the venues at which the fights are held. It is truly an experience to be able to fight in a turn of the century bank, an armory, and a church. I also love the always increasing production quality. I fought in FNF when it was in a basement where the Church Street Gym is located. It's been a great ride.

Amateur and Professional Titles: USKBA Tri-State Welterweight Champion, WKA Northeastern Champion, WKA Eastern Champion, WKA North American Champion, WKA World Champion