Joseph Valtellini

Name: Joseph Valtellini

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Why do you fight?: From when I could stand and walk, I wanted to learn martial arts. So my parents signed me up at a local Tae Kwon Do club at the age of 7. I trained for 10 years. After earning my second degree black belt, I wanted more of a challenge and wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional fighter. So I started doing Muay Thai. Five years and 11 amateur fights later, I made my professional debut with Friday Night Fights. I fight and compete because it is my passion and my childhood dream. Each time I step in the ring, my passion and dreams are on the line and I will do what it takes to make sure that my hand is raised at the end of each match.

Before a fight I… :On the day of a fight, I always make sure that I stay as relaxed as possible. I make sure that my mind and body are strong, focused and ready to perform.

Most memorable experience in the ring:My most memorable experience would have to be winning my first title in 2008. Since I was a kid I dreamed about being a champion and earning a belt/title. It was even more memorable because I was able to share this experience with all my team (Team Ultimate), family, and friends. I slept with that belt for a week straight. More recent memorable experiences would have to be my TKO wins against Dorian Price and Sean Hinds. I was just starting my professional career and they both had over 20 professional fights and were well known and highly regarded in North American Muay Thai. The wins gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to continually take matches with opponents with more experience.

What makes Friday Night Fights different from other events you’ve seen?: FNF is always looking for the best possible match-ups. They are always bringing in new talent to ensure they are putting on the best fights and showcasing high quality Muay Thai.

Amateur and Professional Titles:2008 Ontario Super middle weight champion,2009 IKF World Classic Champion, 2010 Canadian National Amateur Champion