Josh Fitzsimmons

Name: Josh Fitzsimmons

Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario

Why do you fight?: When I was younger I had quite the vivid imagination, imagining I was a Dragonball Z character with all kinds of super powers. Obviously I have grown since then and although I no longer believe my hair is about to turn gold at any second and that I can shoot energy blasts from my hands, I still have rather large dreams and aspirations. I follow my dreams everytime I step into the ring, and it is always something I have been very passionate for, and thats why I fight.

Most memorable experience in the ring: My first fight, I fought a three-round grinder and won by unanimous decision. The feeling of having my hand raised over another man’s and seeing the proud faces of friends and loved ones is by far my most memorable experience in the ring.

What makes Friday Night Fights different from other events you’ve seen?: I have fought in A LOT of events around the world, and Friday Night Fights brings something special to the fight scene. I think the NYC crowd, along with great athletes and a great production team, set FNF apart from other productions. As a Canadian fighter you might expect that the crowd would favor their fellow countrymen, but this is not the case. The Friday Night Fight fans simply know good fighters when they see one, and I have never felt such love from a crowd as I did in my last fight. The fans of Friday Night Fights is what takes FNF from good to great.

Amateur and Professional Titles: 2010 TBA Light Middle Weight Champ, WKA NE U.S Super Middle Weight Champ, FNF 154lbs 8-man Tournament Champion