Troy Sheridan

Name: Troy Sheridan

Hometown: I'm from Stouffville, Ontario which is on the outskirts of Toronto. But I fight for Team Ultimate out of Toronto.

Why do you fight?: When I started training I had no intentions of fighting, it was just for self improvement and to learn Muay Thai. After training for about 3 years under Kru Paul Minhas at Ultimate Martial Arts I wanted to test myself, and test what I had learned. From there it almost became an addiction, to set the next goal and conquer it, there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after working so hard for something.

Before a fight I… : On the day of the fight I always try to relax. There's nothing more I can do to improve my physical and technical training. So I get ready mentally. I don't have any day-of-the-fight habits, meals or anything. My team and I just have a good day together and get ready to do what we came to do.

Most memorable experience in the ring: I want to say my first fight. I was so nervous and that was the most emotional fight I've ever had…but I was too nervous and exhausted to remember most of it! So I would say it was winning the IKF World Classic the same year as my team mate Joseph Valtellini. I went in to that tournament with just one fight under my belt. Facing opponents with 10+ and 20+ fights was when I truly believed for myself that I had the potential to go far in the sport.

What makes Friday Night Fights different from other events you’ve seen?: All the staff at Friday Night Fights treat each fighter with respect and look for everyone's best interest. They all work very hard to put on the best match-ups they can get. Good Am/Pro cards in North America come few and far between in most organizations, but Friday Night Fights is doing an amazing job of putting together great fights. They are still showing they are ready to keep moving up.

Amateur and Professional Titles: IKF World CLassic at 150lbs, CASK Provincial Championship, CASK Canadian National Championship, Eastern Canadian Low Kick Championship, CMTC-A Canadian Chamionship